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SECTOR WATCH is a highly targeted source of information for public procurers in the waste sector, where the sector is monitored and developments are shared. This will include: best practices, criteria sources, labels, innovative solutions, guidance, and news.

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Waste Package targets: on track?

Since the European Commission announced the withdrawal of the Waste Package in 2015, to be replaced with a more comprehensive strategy towards a Circular Economy, there has been a familiar level of debate and disagreement over its content and approach.

However, the acceptance in January by the European Parliament's Environment Committee of challenging targets towards recyclable waste was heralded as a milestone on the path towards a more resource- and waste-efficient Circular Economy in the EU.



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InnoNet event, Brussels 31 January - 1 February

On 31 January – 1 February took place in Brussels a NEW_InnoNet workshop - A practical side of innovations for circular economy.

The workshop connected stakeholders in the field of waste management with the aim to present and discuss real innovation cases, experiences and lessons learned on closing material loops, especially for materials recovered from ICT waste, WEEE, ELV and packaging.


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