The European NGO Network on Green Public Procurement

The European NGO Network on Green Public Procurement

NGOs are well-placed to provide information to local, regional, and national governments, making them better equipped to engage in GPP. To make it easier for NGOs to work with public procurers to enhance GPP uptake, a network was established in 2016 with the support of the European Commission.


Why join the Network? 

Environmental NGOs have knowledge and experience with many of the environmental issues addressed by GPP criteria, such as hazardous substances, waste management, energy efficiency etc, and therefore represent vital stakeholders when promoting GPP.

The objective of the NGO Network is to increase the uptake of GPP through the EU by building NGO capacity to support public authorities.

What have we been up to?

  1. NGO Network webinar: Avoiding Greenwash
    Full recording is here.
    How to verfiy green commitments in tenders and contracts, Abby Semple, Public Procurement Analysis
    Further Information about London Fire Brigade:
    GLA Responsible Procurement Policy
    Sustainability at London Fire Brigade
  2. NGO Network webinar: How to trigger Circular Economy in GPP (Full recording here)
    - Kick starting circular economy practice through sustainable public procurement, Mervyn JONES, Sustainable Global Resources, UK
    - Piloting Circular Public Procurement – The Green Deal Flanders, Veerle LABEEUW, Circular Flanders \ OVAM
    - Insight on circular economy monitoring frameworks and GPP advisory group status, Stéphane ARDITI & Blanca Morales, EEB
    - Introduction to the "EC GUIDANCE Public Procurement for a Circular Economy" (2017), Ashleigh MCLENNAN, ICLEI Europe
  3. Annual Network Meeting - The network members gather to get an insight into specific procurement focus areas and to present their activity plans related to GPP uptake.
    - Transport/mobility & GPP – how to tackle clean air issue, Robin Kulpa, Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH)
    - Sustainable food & GPP – reducing environmental impact of food in public procurement, Davide Sabbadin, Legambiente
  4. NGO Network webinar: Sustainable Mobility and GPP
    - Revision of EU GPP criteria for Transport, Rocio Rodriguez (JRC)
    - Clean Vehicles Directive: Update on revision, Simon Clement (ICLEI)
    - GPP in Copenhagen - Sharing experiences on Sustainable Mobility and GPP, Maria Pagel Fray
    (City of Copenhagen)
  5. Training session on GPP (Summary of the event) - The first NGO Network on GPP training session on GPP took place in Brussels, Belgium in June 2017.  The training included several activities to further strengthen the knowledge of green public procurement through discussion and working groups on several GPP related topics including ecolabels, green energy, food and catering and forest products. Continue reading..
    - Network update and objectives, Estela Grana (ICLEI)
    - Legal framework of GPP, Abby Semple (Public Procurement Analysis)
    - NGOs engaging in the field of GPP, Carsten Wachholz (EEB)
    - Air Pollution and GPP, Peter Feldkamp (Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V.)

    Useful materials on Ecolabel - shared at the training session:
    - JRC's Technical Report for Public Space Maintenance, Apr. 2017
    - Public Procurement Reform and Ecolabel presentation, Robert Kaukewitsch (European Commission)
    - Circular Economy and the EU Ecolabel presentation, EEB
    - EEB comments to the JRC's 2nd Technical Report on GPP Criteria for Food and Catering Services, EEB
    - JRC's Technical Report on EU Ecolabel criteria for furniture products, 2017
    - JRC's Technical Report on EU GPP Criteria for Transport, February 2018
  6. NGO Network webinar: Influencing GPP, An NGO perspective (Full recording here)
    - How to identify tender opportunities for Green Public Procurement (GPP), Estela Grana (ICLEI)
    - NGOs engaging in the field of GPP, Carsten Wachholz (EEB)
  7. Introductory session (Summary of the event) - The EU NGO Network on GPP held, on 26 January in Szentendre, a session gathering NGOs from across Europe with an interest in learning more about how GPP can be used to help cities and regions improve their sustainability and meet environmental policy objectives. Continue reading..

       Presentations included:
       - Network introduction (ICLEI)
       - EU framework and benefits of GPP (DGENV)
       - GPP in practice (Ecosistemi)
       - Best Practice (Omsorgsbygg)
       - Working on GPP as NGO (BBL)
       - Legal and practical dimensions of GPP (PPA)
       - Available Resources on GPP (ICLEI)
       - Actions areas and next steps (ICLEI)
       - SWOT Analaysis
       - Activity Plan template


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The project is supported and funded by the European Commission

What is Green Public Procurement?

Green Public Procurement (GPP) aims to harness the purchasing power of governments to drive positive environmental change



Green Public Procurement
A Guide for NGOs

This Guide aims at giving NGOs the knowledge needed to help encourage public procurers to embrace GPP



Identifying potential tenders for Green Public Procurement

This document will guide you through the four steps that are necessary to start actively supporting public authorities in including GPP criteria in their procurements.


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